Woman wakes up from coma after 2 years to accuse her brother of trying to kill her


Wanda Palmer.

Gulf Today Report

An American woman who was the victim of a violent attack that put her in a coma for two years woke up and reported that the person who attacked her was her brother, according to the local police.

Security forces in Jackson County, West Virginia, said in a Facebook post that “Wanda Palmer, who was assaulted, beaten and left to die, has now awakened to witness the arrest of her abuser, her brother Daniel Palmer.”

Details of the incident date back to June 2020, when Palmer (51 years old) was found covered in blood inside her home in Cottageville, a small town in the west of the province.

“As a result of the assault, Palmer suffered a traumatic brain injury, possibly as a result of a wound resulting from a blow with a machete or axe,” Police Chief Ross Mellitger said in an interview with a local channel.

The police initially thought she had died, before realizing that she was having trouble breathing.

While Mellinger indicated that the murder weapon was never found, he pointed out that the investigation was suspended for two years, due to the absence of any phone data, footage from surveillance cameras or eyewitnesses.

Unable to form complete sentences and only able to answer yes or no, Wanda accused her 55-year-old brother, Daniel, of assaulting her.

Daniel Palmer was arrested and charged with attempted murder and premeditated assault.


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