Arab Chess Federation thanks Dr Sheikh Sultan for his unwavering support

The new Executive Committee of the Arab Chess Federation held its first meeting after their election, under the chairmanship of Sheikh Saud Bin Abdulaziz Almualla, President of the Arab Chess Federation.

The meeting was held in the presence of all the elected members including Sami Khader Safaini (Jordan), Ibrahim Jalloul Izz Al Din (Algeria), Dhafer Abdel Amir Mazloum (Iraq), Omar Abdullah Diab (Sudan), Sabri Abdel Lord (Yemen), Ali Abbas (Syria) and Khaled Izz Al-Din (Palestine).

The meeting began with the welcome speech of Sheikh Saud, who on behalf of all the members of the executive committee, thanked and expressed gratitude to His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah.

He praised Dr Sheikh Sultan for his unlimited support, especially for the Arab Chess Federation and chess in general since 1978, when he attended and sponsored the workshop of the General Assembly meeting at the Holiday Inn Sharjah at that time.

He thanked the Chairman of the Sharjah Sports Council, Issa Hilal Al Hazami, for sponsoring the opening of the General Assembly meeting, and Khalid Issa Al Midfaa, the Assistant Secretary General of the General Sports Authority, and the UAE Chess Federation.

The president of the Arab Chess Federation congratulated all the members of the Executive Committee who won the confidence of the General Assembly and their membership in the Committee, stressing that the meeting of the General Assembly was to a large extent successful and reigned in the spirit of brotherhood, positivity and democracy in work and decision-making.

He said that the elections took place in a very positive atmosphere in the presence of the Secretary General of the Confederation of Arab Sports Federations, Saad Al-Sufyani, who served as an observer.

In its first meeting, the Executive Committee took a number of decisions as follows:

1. To form the Urgent Matters Committee headed by the President of the Arab Chess Federation and with the membership of the First Vice-President and Secretary General of the ACF.

2. To appoint a number of advisors to the Arab Chess Federation, namely, His Excellency Counselor Chadli Rahmani from Tunisia as the head of the Legal Committee, His Excellency Mustafa Amzal from Morocco as a Technical Advisor, Mr. Fayez Al-Shamri from Kuwait as a Media Advisor, and Fathi Abu Raja from Libya, a Consultant (until his problem with the ACF is solved).

3. To follow up on the preparation and adoption of the Unified Statuses within an Extraordinary General Assembly of the Arab Chess Federation and the final ratification of it by the Confederation of Arab Sports Federations.

4. The Executive Committee decided to communicate with the Arab Chess Federations to reform the Arab Chess Federation’s Committees, which are the Technical Committee, the Arbiters Committee, the Women Committee, the Public Relations Committee, the Media Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee.

5. It was decided to create a number of Arab Championships, such as School Championships, and to revive other Championships, such as the Arab Elite Championship.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the President of the Arab Chess Federation stressed that the strength of competition and the increase in the number of candidates for the Executive Committee elections reflects the strength of the Arab Chess Federation, its decisions, the effectiveness of its members, and the extent of the impact of the Arab Chess Federation in the system of the World Chess.


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