Argentine team train in Abu Dhabi ahead of Qatar World Cup 2022


A videograb shows Argentina players practice during a training session in Abu Dhabi.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

The stars of the Argentine national football team Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria and Leonardo Paredes arrived in Abu Dhabi to join the camp of their country’s national team in Abu Dhabi in preparation for the 2022 World Cup.

The UAE team faces a friendly match against Argentina on Wednesday at Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium.

Messi grabbed the spotlight after joining his national team in Abu Dhabi, where he was late for his association with Paris Saint-Germain on Sunday against Auxerre in the French League.

The Argentine national team started their training session at 6 pm on Monday at Al Nahyan Stadium in Al Wahda Club, in the presence of the media.

Photos and videos showed enthusiastic atmosphere when Messi and his companions descended on the pitch of Al Nahyan Stadium in Abu Dhabi.

The Argentine national team bus arrived at Al Nahyan Stadium in Al Wahda Club in Abu Dhabi earlier in day. The public continued to flock to see Messi and his companions.

The Argentine national team’s administrative and technical staff had arrived in Abu Dhabi on Thursday, before the team’s arrival.

Argentina’s group in the 2022 World Cup includes Saudi Arabia, Poland and Mexico.




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