Dubai Sports Council continues ‘Ghars’ programme for clubs of the emirate


The Dubai Sports Council has organized 26 various awareness lectures in all Dubai clubs – Al Nasr, Al Wasl, Shabab Al Ahli and Hatta – which witnessed an intensive presence of club players.

Gulf Todday, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Sports Council continues to organize the activities of its pioneering educational programme “Ghars” with the aim of promoting the behavioural values of sports club members in Dubai, in collaboration with various national government and private institutions.

The Dubai Sports Council organized 26 various awareness lectures in all Dubai clubs – Al Nasr, Al Wasl, Shabab Al Ahli and Hatta – which witnessed an intensive presence of club players, where several lectures were presented in cooperation with the UAE National Archives, which included a virtual tour of the National Archives, and a workshop entitled “Belonging, Loyalty and Identity”.

Dubai Police also provided awareness lectures that included topics of player ethics, smoking damage, while the Community Development Authority presented a workshop entitled “Child Protection”, and other lectures were given on proper nutrition and injury to players in cooperation with the Canadian Hospital in Dubai.

The programme “Ghars” addressed many different and diverse topics aimed at players of all age and in all sports, including educating young players about space science and enriching their knowledge and general culture with the dream of the UAE. Lectures were also delivered on tolerance in sports, skills to take advantage of modern technology, first aid training, volunteering, awareness of the country’s most important features, how to use electronic games in a useful way and avoid the risks posed by their frequent use, the right way to use social media, strengthen the relationship between parents and their children, build a friendship with each other, strengthen the national spirit, and how to live happily.

Dubai Sports Council launched  the “Ghars” program in 2013 to develop and educate players and sports professionals in Dubai, with the aim of creating a sports environment with ethical values by making the atmosphere of clubs in Dubai safe and attractive to the talents of boys and girls, as well as developing the awareness of young athletes of the importance of maintaining their health and making them more committed to good values and morals, and teaching them how to choose a good friend, so as to resist the spread of bad habits. It also strengthens parents’ confidence in sports clubs and strengthens the relationship between club departments and community institutions.

The programme’s mission is to distinguish in preparing young athletes and fortifying them against risks and giving them positive values, behaviors and life skills that contribute to building his personality to be a good citizen for himself, his family and his community, and working to improve the behaviors of sports players and ensure that they are compatible with the values, culture, customs and traditions of the UAE community, by developing the environment of sports clubs in Dubai to be free of negative behaviors motivating and supporting positive values and behaviors, and to enhance the educational role and social function of the sports club.


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