English football club hold Eid prayer at their stadium for the first time in history


Worshippers lineup for Eid prayer at Ewood park stadium.

Gulf Today Report

The English football club Blackburn Rovers held the Eid Al-Fitr prayer, on Monday morning, on the grounds of its stadium, in an unprecedented gesture.

Aerial footage showed large crowds of worshipers who came to the stadium to perform the Eid prayer, after the club had announced its intention to hold the prayer on the grounds of its “Ewood Park” stadium, and to allocate the grass for men and women worshipers, and the call to prayer sounded throughout the stadium.

This is the first precedent of its kind, with Blackburn becoming the first English club to hold the Eid prayer on its stadium floor in history, while ITV estimated that the number of attendees had reached 2,000 worshippers.

It is noteworthy that Blackburn Rovers is competing to qualify for the English Premier League, as it occupies the ninth place in the First Division, and aspires to obtain the sixth place, and qualify for the play-off that leads to the “Premier League” competitions.


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