Ghantoot Polo and UAE Polo post wins at Dubai Open 2023 qualifiers


Players of Ghantoot Polo and Dubai Wolves by CAFU in action during their match at Al Habtoor Polo Club.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Delivering outstanding performances, Ghantoot Polo and UAE Polo scored victories on the second day of the IFZA Gold Cup 2023.

During the match between Ghantoot Polo and Dubai Wolves by CAFU, Carlos Ulloa from Dubai Wolves scored the opening goal. Ghantoot Polo was leading the match until the end of the second chukker, which ended with a tie of two goals each.

It was a low-scoring match until the third, with one goal advantage for the Ghantoot Polo. By the penultimate chukker, Dubai Wolves by CAFU carved a three goal lead until Marcos Araya and Segundo Amadori from Ghantoot Polo brought the score to an even 5 -5.

In the final chukker, both teams had several penalty shots, with Carlos Ulloa and Teodora Lacau each scoring a goal for their team, Dubai Wolves.

Meanwhile, Marcos Araya made three penalty shots and Segundo Amadori scored an impressive goal. In the end, Ghantoot Polo emerged as the winner of the third qualifying match, with a score of 9 -7.

The second match commenced with Tommy Beresford from UAE Polo taking the opening shot and securing a leading score of 5-1.

The dominance by the white-shirted players of the UAE team – Lucas Monteverde Jr., Martin Podesta and Tommy Beresford was unmatched as the scoreboard displayed a double digit lead for UAE of 11 – 1, until the penultimate chukker.

In the final chukker, Clinova Noa Capital Polo managed to pick themselves up scoring three goals, two of which were scored by the team’s Patron, Raja Karim, and one by Benjamin Panelo. The match ended at 13 goals to 4, in favor of the UAE Polo.


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