Huge leap of success for Sharjah Women’s Sports in six years


Sharjah Women’s Sports Club players have left a positive imprint and achieved satisfying results in all local and international competitions.

Through a variety of year-round events, programmes, and initiatives in which female athletes compete in all different sports disciplines, whether at the local, Arab, and international levels, Sharjah Women’s Sports has made huge strides and marked significant success in achieving sporting and societal goals.

The objectives of Sharjah Women’s Sports are to promote Emirati women in all forums, prepare them and facilitate their access to regional and international competitions, encourage them to participate in various sports, empower national competencies, and develop human capital in the field of women’s sports.

On the occasion of Emirati Women’s Day, Hind Al Hosani, Deputy Director General of Sharjah Women’s Sports Club, stressed that Sharjah Women’s Sports is continuing to accomplish its goals, and the organisation strives to create an ideal environment for female players to achieve great heights and become sports examples.

Hosani said that thanks to the guidance and vision of Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, wife of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah and Chairperson of the Sharjah Women’s Sports, we were able to establish a sports base of UAE players in 10 different sports disciplines, who did a good job representing the team and the nation and lived up to the responsibility entrusted to them.

“The players of the club have left a positive imprint and achieved satisfying results in all local and international competitions. Since 2016 to date, the players have won 999 medals, including 401 gold and 295 silver.

“They also bagged 303 bronze medals in the various championships and sporting events listed with the club, where these championships were preceded by different preparation programmes with 33 internal and external camps through which the Sharjah Women’s Sports worked to enhance the levels of female players and develop their abilities in the best possible way.”

Hosani said the Sharjah Women’s Sports strategic plan aims to strengthen national competencies, develop human capital in the field of sports, raise a skilled generation of sports leaders in collaboration with the relevant bodies and international institutions, work on the development, promote the sports culture among women and raise awareness of its significance, and increase their participation.

“The Sharjah Women’s Sports also aims to foster a positive environment that advances women’s sports in the Emirate both domestically and internationally; as a perfect destination for engaging in sports. Contribute to the development of legislation pertaining to sports in general and women’s sports in particular in the Emirate,” Hosani added.

Fatima Al Noman, a former volleyball player at the Sharjah Women’s Sports Club, revealed that despite her retirement, the principles she learned over the years of representing the club contributed to changing her life for the better and dealing with sports from a different perspective.



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