Manchester United become English joke after historic 4-0 loss to Brentford

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Manchester United suffered a humiliating and historic 4-0 loss to Brentford in the second stage of the English Premier League that left fans in shock and the team became joke in English media, with many critics confirming that the current squad of players is hopeless, and a comprehensive change in the mentality of the players must be made.

British newspapers spoke of humiliation and extermination; Where the newspaper “Daily Star” titled: “Men against boys,” and quoted the words of the former star of the team, Gary Neville: “This was extermination,” after they conceded 4 goals in 35 minutes.

It seemed that everyone related to Manchester United was unable to speak in the analysis studios, including the club’s legends, while United became a joke in England, and a source of “jokes”, because of the way the goals were conceded.
After the fourth goal, Neville told Sky Sports: “What we see in the first half of the match here is a real annihilation for Manchester United.”

And when United coach Ten Hag appeared, Neville said: He has nothing to say, he has nowhere to go, what can he tell these 11 players who were on the field in the first half? What can he say?

Neville continued his attack: United looked like a boys’ team under the age of nine, facing a men’s team, there was never any parity.

“I don’t think I’ve seen 45 minutes in the Premier League like this,” former England midfielder Jimmy Redknapp told Sky Studio. A team like Manchester United didn’t play, their players didn’t win a ball, Brentford, on the other hand, was fantastic.
England scoring legend Gary Lineker noted on Twitter: I’m not sure this group will ever see the light of day again.

It is the second loss in a row for United, and its players were unable to score for 180 minutes, after losing in the first round against Brighton 1-2, and the opponent’s goal was scored by an own goal.

This is the first time since 1937 that United have fallen against Brentford when they lost 85 years ago in the old version of the English Premier League (First Division) 1-3, and as for the 4-0 result, Brentford achieved it for the second time in its history at the expense of the “Red Devils.”

United lost for the seventh time in a row in the league away from home, and it was the first time in its history in the “Premier League”, that is, since 1992, conceding 4 goals away from home in the first half, knowing that it received 4 goals in a match during the first half in the last 3 seasons against Tottenham (2020) and Liverpool (2021).

Goals Festival

Belinda Joshua DaSilva (10), Danish Matthias Jansen (18), Ben Mei (30) and Frenchman Brian Mbomo (35) took turns scoring the four goals amid hysterical joy at Griffin Park.

Brentford raised his score to four points in third place, while United remained without points at the bottom of the standings, in the worst start for a new Red Devils coach in history.

In contrast to the first match in which Cristiano Ronaldo did not participate as a starter, Ten Hag from Ajax Amsterdam started with the “Don” as a spearhead.

However, the guests suffered from the absence of the real center player, amid divergence between the lines, which the owners of the land benefited from to impose their rhythm in the first half in particular.

Reactions continued after the loss, and former defense legend Rio Ferdinand said, “I do not feel sorry for the players, I feel sorry for Tin Hag, because he came under false pretenses, and he was expecting new deals, which did not happen.”

“It is clear that the players are not at the required level, it is that easy,” he added.

“You don’t want to smash players or smash people at the club, but you can’t defend those, I won’t blame Ten Hag now, you can criticize his team’s choices, but there’s a bigger problem than that,” Ferdinand said angrily.

Rio revealed: I watched the match in the car, I almost got into a traffic accident three times.


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