Middle East’s Strongest Man and Woman competition begins on Aug.27

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Middle East’s Strongest Man and Woman competition will take place at Strong Gym headquarters in Dubai.

The two-day event kicking off on Saturday is an extravaganza of strength, with 75 athletes from across the globe competing over five events to snatch the title. Watch in awe as the athletes perform feats of strength, determination, and courage, competing to prove who really is the strongest in the Middle East. One of the displays of strength is hoisting $2,000,000 of gold bullion bars inside a fabricated, secure steel carriage.

Hosted by Dubai-born group, Strong Gym, as they continue their quest to inspire a generation to become strong, fit, and functional. Pioneering the strength and conditioning industry, Strong brings all nationalities, races, genders, and communities together through competitive sport, from beginners to professional athletes.

Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hamad Bin Saif Al Sharqi, President of the Emirates Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, thanked Mark Boyd for organising the event.

“The federation’s work team is eager to use all of its resources to support such events, as they will aid in the development and promotion of sports,” said Sheikh Abdhullah.

Boyd, organiser of the Middle East’s Strongest Man and Woman competition, said: “The tournament aims to identify the strongest man and the strongest woman among the large number of international players who are coming from different countries, and it is an important opportunity for us to witness strong competition in this sport.

“We are happy to organize this tournament in cooperation with our partner UAE Bodybuilding Federation, and we look forward to achieving success in this tournament in order to be a springboard for other championships in the future,” he added.

“In the future, whilst treating the UAE as my home, I aim to produce and assist in generating more local athletes, improve the fitness and wellbeing of those in the UAE and create an international federation.

“We also aim to promote arm wrestling, strongman, boxing, MMA, CrossFit, and powerlifting,” Boyd said.

In association with the Emirates Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, the event will be held to the highest standard of competition, entertainment and production at Strong Gym, situated in Al Quoz in Dubai.

Aligned with this vision and in full support are Al Fardan Exchange, Millenium Barsha Heights, SBD UAE, Team Personal Record, Joint Space DXB, and Underarmour ME.

The event is open to spectators and will be hosted on a YouTube live stream on the Strong Movement channel.


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