Mohammed Al Mutaiwee and Safia Al Sayegh to represent UAE at World Cycling Championships


Mohammed Al Mutaiwee and Safia Al Sayegh.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The riders of the UAE national under-23 cycling team, Mohammed Al Mutaiwee and Safia Al Sayegh, have officially qualified for the World Cycling Championships, to be held in Australia next September.

The qualification of Al Mutaiwee and Al Sayegh comes according to their rankings on the continent, to achieve a new achievement for the UAE bikes.

Mansour Bouasaiba, President of the UAE Cycling Federation and Chairman of the National Teams Committee, confirmed that Al Mutaiwee’s qualification came to occupying the 31st place on the continent’s level with 76 points.

Safia Al Sayegh qualified after the UAE women’s national under-23 team ranked 41 in the world, which means her official qualification is that our team is among the first 50 teams in the world.

Bu Osaiba said: “Our rising star, Mohammed Al Mutaiwee, will participate in the time trial (singles) on September 19, and in the general individual race on September 23 for a distance of 169 km, and Safia Al Sayegh will participate in the adult race on the 24th of the same month.”

He praised the level of the national team’s riders in the sports season, which witnessed historical achievements that have not occurred before, noting that the players of the national team are always at the good level in various tournaments thanks to their abundant effort and commitment to training.


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