Soccer-addicted Argentine fans rename street after Messi in Buenos Aires


A group of fans changes a street name to Messi Av. in recognition of his efforts at the World Cup.

Gulf Today Report

Football addict Argentina fans in Buenos Aires have taken the liberty to liberty of renaming a street in the capital to “Lionel Messi Avenue.” 

Social media videos showed a fan in number 10 jersey climbing on the back of another to put a sticker bearing Lionel Messi Avenue on an exiting name.

However, it was not official and there were no government statement about renaming any street in the country after the striker Lionel Messi and his team won the Fifa World Cup against France in Qatar.

Local Twitter user wrote, “The celebratory videos show a group of fans spotted changing a street name to Messi Av. in recognition of his efforts at the World Cup.”

The South Americans dethroned France as world champions after beating them on penalties at Lusail stadium.

A twitter user wrote, “This fan unofficially re-named a street Lionel Messi avenue.”

Another said, “A fan has taken the liberty of renaming the street to “Lionel Messi Avenue.”  Hundreds of thousands – millions by some estimates – of ecstatic Argentines flooded onto the streets of Buenos Aires on Tuesday to cheer the country’s World Cup-winning soccer squad led by Lionel Messi after their plane landed in the pre-dawn hours.

The team arrived in the early hours at Ezeiza airport where despite it being around 3am thousands were waiting with banners, flags and flares, and howling in joy after 36 years since the country’s last World Cup victory.




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