SWSF hosts technical planning and performance evaluation workshop


Participants during the workshop hosted by Sharjah Women’s Sports Foundation at its headquarters.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Sharjah Women’s Sports Foundation hosted a workshop for technical planning and performance evaluation at its headquarters in the Emirate.

A total of 40 participants from various technical and administrative departments, along with coaches of sports teams, attended the workshop.

During the workshop, Salim Saidi, head of planning and technical follow-up, shed light on four subjects: technical and scientific planning and sports training components, identifying training units and interconnecting technical objectives, designing the sports training class as a foundation for achieving goals, and performance evaluation techniques.

The workshop saw interactive discussions among all attendees in order to recognize the importance of sports planning and its role in the administrative and technical system, as well as to prepare champions for various forums and tournaments, especially after heads of departments urged employees to attend the workshop because of its scientific importance in sports affairs.

Participants attended the workshop with great interest and gave positive feedback at the end of the session.

Saidi stressed that the technical planning and performance evaluation workshop come within the framework of developing the technical and administrative staff at the club, as well as raising the operational competencies of all teams, which has a positive impact on the Sharjah Women’s Sports Foundation’s sports work.

He pointed out that the keenness of the attendees, whether coaches or administrators, and employees from all departments, as well as their conversations and inquiries, had an impact on the workshop and increased the advantage intended from holding it.

Saidi added that three levels have been reviewed, the first of which is to spread sports culture among young people and the local community with the goal of contributing to the building of a sports community, the second of which includes female athletes practicing for sports within national teams in all games, and the third of which focuses on elite players who have achieved success at national and international level. They won numerous medals in multiple categories at the Gulf Games in Kuwait.

Saidi stated that all of the workshop’s topics and scientific content will be distributed to all Sharjah Women’s Sports Foundation members, especially since the topic of evaluating sports performance is the focus of attention of all training specialists as the season draws to a close, with results of teams of all ages and their achievements being evaluated.


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