VIDEO: Dubai’s Offroad-Zone brings dozens of motorists together to experience thrill of adventures


More than 60 vintage and ultra-modern 4×4 cars take part in the International Off-Road Day at the XQuarry Off-Road & Adventure Park in Sharjah.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

For the first time ever, Dubai’s Offroad-Zone brought dozens of motorists together for an action-packed day of four-wheel-drive adventures to celebrate International Off-Road Day in Sharjah on Saturday.

Drivers of all abilities were invited to test their mettle in a series of action-packed obstacle courses at the XQuarry Off-Road & Adventure Park in Sharjah for International Off-Road Day.

Designed with more than 12km of off-roading tracks and 24 purpose-built obstacles, the XQuarry Off-Road & Adventure Park was the perfect place to bring those that love the thrill of dune-bashing together for one special day.

More than 60 vintage and ultra-modern 4×4 cars took part in an epic event that coincided with local business Offroad-Zone’s twentieth anniversary.

It also marked the start of the cooler season, one that reinvigorates the nation’s sense of adventure and a desire to discover the heart-pumping thrill of freewheeling drives across the country’s sand dunes.

“We’re pleased to launch the region’s first event celebrating International Off-Road Day and hope people can discover how incredible the UAE’s natural environment is,” said Hakob Harutyunyan, CEO of OffRoad-Zone.

“There’s no better place to get primed and ready for four-wheel adventures than XQuarry Off-Road & Adventure Park, which provides something for everyone from dune-bashing pros to absolute beginners.”

He added: “This was also an opportunity to promote safety and best practices for off-roading. Attendees can learn how to set their vehicles up for driving in the desert.

The participants were taught how to deflate tyres correctly, how to tune suspension systems, how to get their vehicle out of the sand when it gets stuck – and how to avoid it.”

With two decades of driving experience here, Offroad-Zone’s mission is to help everyone experience the majestic beauty of the desert.”

OffRoad-Zone is a private automotive brand in the UAE. It operates a Jeep service centre with a focus on 4×4 cars for off-road adventures and a dedication to care, customer satisfaction and safety.

Its 4×4 Off-Road Driving Experience in Dubai (You Drive) is rated among the UAE’s top desert experiences.

It has also built a community of more than 360 drivers who share its passion for off-roading.

The UAE’s first off-road and adventure park, XQuarry Off-Road & Adventure Park, opened its doors in 2021.

Since then, thousands of tourists and residents have passed through thanks to its strategic location nearby both Dubai and Sharjah.



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