VIDEO: Turkey football fan shoots at TV after team loses to Portugal


A videograb shows the fan pointing his gun towards the TV as Burak Yılmaz prepares to take the penalty.

Gulf Today Report

A football fan has taken the term ‘penalties’ a little too literally after Turkey squandered a golden opportunity in World Cup qualifiers.

During the elimination stage in the semi-final between Portugal and Turkey, and with the score of 2-1 against the Portuguese, Turkey received a last-minute penalty.

A goal would have seen Turkey equalize and would likely have forced the game into extra time.

But Lille striker Burak Yılmaz, who had previously scored to bring his team back to the game, but this time missed it over the crossbar.

A video surfaced on social media showing a frustrated Turkish fan pointing a gun at his TV  as Yilmaz came forward to take the penalty. After Yilmaz misses his target, the man can be heard saying something in Turkish before approaching the screen and discharging the gun.

The video turned black and orange in a haze of sparks as the gun completely destroyed the TV  with a massive bang.

Portugal scored a late third goal, securing a place against North Macedonia, which shocked Italy. Yilmaz, a veteran of 77 caps with Turkey for 16 years, confirmed his retirement from international football after the game.



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