Yasser Al Shahrani suffers broken jaw and internal bleeding after horrific collision with goalkeeper during Argentina match


Yasser Al-Shahrani receives medical attention during the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group C football match. AFP

Mahmoud Ads, Gulf Today

Saudi Arabian footballer Yasser Al Shahrani’s condition was critical after a nasty injury he sustained due to a collision with the goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Owais during his country’s match with Argentina.

Al Shahrani left the field on a stretcher after the collision, which took place during stoppage time in Qatar.

The Saudi national team’s fans across the Arab world held their breath after the serious injury that Yasser sustained in stoppage time, which ended with a historic victory for Saudi Arabia 2-1.

Saudi Arabia’s goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Owais collides with Yasser Al-Shahrani. AFP

Yasser fell to the ground for several minutes, during which the Saudi goalkeeper was terrified, fearing for his teammate Al Shahrani, due to the force of the collision after Owais’ knee hit Yasser in the face.

After conducting x-rays, it was found that Yasser Al Shahrani had fractured the jaw and left facial bones, and that he needed rapid surgical intervention due to internal bleeding.

Mohammed Bin Salman, Crown Prince of the Saudi Arabia instructed that Yasser be transferred by a private jet to Germany for treatment, after his injury during the national team’s match versus Argentina.


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