9 Ideal Times of Year to Book Budget Flights


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Every traveler wants to get affordable flights, but it’s not always simple to locate offers to your preferred location.

Every tourist fantasizes about the day they’ll find really cheap flight tickets and get a bargain to a place they’ve always wanted to visit.

Finding affordable flights may be difficult, particularly if the dates you wish to go don’t allow you much flexibility or occur during a popular travel period.

For domestic travel, one to two months in advance is often the optimum time to plan a ticket. For the best prices, plan six to eight months in advance for foreign flights. The cost of an airplane ticket may be affected by a wide range of circumstances, however, these factors include the route, the season, and the time of day.

The price roller coaster starts when airline tickets go on sale often up to a year before the flight date. The perfect moment to purchase plane tickets right now ultimately depends on a mix of chance and planning. Even while we can’t do much to influence luck, we can at least make an effort to influence strategy. The finest times during the year to book inexpensive flights to your desired location are right here.

  • Most affordable day of the week to fly

    Domestic flights are normally most affordable on Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the middle of the week. The ideal time to fly internationally is still in the middle of the week; for international flights, leave earlier during the week (between Monday and Wednesday) and arrive later during the week (between Tuesday and Thursday).


  • Boxing Day

    December 26, known as Boxing Day, is another great day of the year for discounts. Following the holiday rush, many businesses, including airlines, are attempting to liquidate their seasonal inventory and special offers at discounted prices, making it an excellent day for finding very cheap ticket prices.

  • Black Friday

    The Friday before Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, is when merchants drop their prices in an effort to increase sales. Fortunately for travelers, this is true of several airlines as well, offering an excellent time to hunt for flight discounts to numerous places across the globe. Consider being flexible with your trip dates and locations to get the greatest bargains on Black Friday.

  • Cyber Monday

    Every year, on the Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday occurs immediately after Black Friday. To move the items that didn’t sell on Black Friday, businesses often cut their prices even more on Cyber Monday. On Cyber Monday, be ready to come online early and look for the promo code required for the airline you wish to book with.

  • 64 days prior to any date of departure

    64 days before any travel date is often the optimum time to purchase a domestic flight ticket. Regardless of where you’re going or what time of year you’re visiting, this is usually when costs are at their lowest. Consider if you need to book more than 64 days in advance in order to get the cheapest price since the season that passengers book in influences this average low-price threshold.

  • Season of Back to School (September)

    While school is out for the summer, the summer months (particularly July and early August) are the peak tourist season in many regions of the globe. The demand for flights, however, declines as the summer travel season winds down and the start of the school year approaches. Consider buying tickets for early September while people are returning home and kids are starting back at school if you’re looking for a cheaper rate on some gorgeous summer vacation locations like Greece, Italy, or Portugal. Not only are flights less expensive, but many hotels also have better prices for accommodations.

  • Day or night before Christmas

    The majority of people are aware that there is a large demand for local and international travel during the holidays, therefore it might be difficult to locate cheap flights. But if you plan a ticket leaving on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, there’s still a chance to save money (December 24-25). This is a result of 68% of passengers who choose to travel between December 21 and December 23.

  • August (For International Flights)

    Similar to domestic flights, foreign travelers will discover that August is one of the best months to book and depart. In many locations throughout the world, particularly in Europe, August signifies the end of peak season, so costs are starting to drop and crowds are dwindling. Travelers will discover that overseas flights are 20% less expensive in August than they are in December.

  • January (For Domestic Flights)

Due to lesser demand, there are certain months of the year when it is also less expensive to book flights and go on vacation. Travelers should anticipate lower costs in the winter for domestic flights. Domestic flights are 10% less expensive in January than they are in June.

How to Find the Cheapest Airline Tickets?

There are adjustments you can make to your dates, filters, and other search tools while finding cheap flight tickets. You can utilize a flight search engine to investigate various dates, activate a price alert, a price-tracking feature on websites that search for flights, and enable users to set up alerts whenever the cost for a certain route changes. This is a fantastic way to shop around for your flight’s best deal.

One can also sort the results depending on your requirements and interests while traveling. You may narrow your search so that you’re just comparing flights that are appropriate for your requirements if you know you’ll be traveling with checked bags or only want to fly nonstop and don’t forget to explore discounted airfares by location.

The ideal time to purchase airline tickets is one to three months ahead to travel for domestic flights and two to eight months prior for international ones. However, you should start exploring and making reservations even earlier if you intend to go during the holidays, during spring break, during the busiest tourist times in the summer, or for a well-known event.


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