Airport worker in New York offers free makeup to actress after her baggage containing her vanity box is lost in transit


Actress Hana Sofia Lopes poses for a photograph. File photo

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Airport hospitality can makes a world of a difference to a passenger. It makes things much more pleasant and tolerable if the staff at the airport are polite, soft-spoken and kind towards travellers who approach them with problems. It doesn’t matter if you are an ordinary person or, in this case, an actress.

The star received an unusual treatment from an airport worker after she saw that her luggage was lost in transit.

Actress Hana Sofia Lopes, of Portuguese and Canadian heritage, was travelling from her home country Luxembourg to Montreal, Canada, when the incident happened.

The trip involved a short stay in New York. She was about to start filming on a new movie.

When she landed in New York, Lopes was left only with the clothes she was wearing after she left her home country – and her handbag.

Otherwise she had no shoes, no brush for her hair, no socks, no makeup, according to the Independent.

The actor was about to grace an entertainment industry event in Montreal, but the outfit she planned to wear at the gala was in the baggage that was lost. Before boarding her flight to Canada, she

bought a dress at the eleventh hour for the event in New York, but was still without her makeup bag.

She was upset and was at her wit’s end. She knew the airline was not to blame, but all her plans had gone for a toss.

Despite being upset, Lopes did not rave and rant at the counter, shouting at the employee, like others would. She was just not rude or aggressive, but emotional. Azalia Claudine Becerril Angulo, a part-time airport worker at the Montreal airport, who was present at the information desk, noticed this quality of hers. Impressed by her calm behaviour, she moved to the aid of an emotional Lopes.

Angulo helped the star track down her bags, which she found were somewhere in Frankfurt.

The actor told the staffer that she had no makeup to put on her face for the film shoot.

When Angulo heard this, she jumped to her rescue. She said she was a makeup artist and would be happy to do her makeup – for free.

“If you want, I can come to your hotel in the afternoon and do your hair and makeup so that you can attend your reception,” Angulo said. “If I was in your place, I would be also freaking out. So I really want to do it for free.”

As she promised, Angulo arrived at Lopes’ hotel room the next day to do the makeup. The two hit it off, and bonded so well that it seemed as though they were old friends meeting after months – or years.

Angulo also insisted on doing her makeup for free, much to Lopes’ dismay. For her makeup was a passion, and what would enhance her feelgood fervour was the fact that she was able to reach out to help someone in distress.

Lopes’ baggage was found and later made its way to her Montreal hotel. “She’s not only a great human, she’s also really good at her job because she managed to find my luggage,” Lopes said about Anuglo.

The two women are constantly in touch with other. An unlikely camaraderie has developed between the two.

Earlier this year, another airline passenger received an act of kindness from a stranger at an airport when her family’s flight from Seattle to Vancouver was cancelled. Instead of waiting hours for the next flight, and missing their cruise set to take off at noon, a woman at the airport offered to drive them the 140-mile trip.


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