Bali inhabitants baffled by Boeing 737 resting in field


A combo photo of the abandoned Boeing 737 aircraft near Pandawa beach.

Gulf Today Report

The inhabitants of Bali, Indonesia, are baffled as to where an abandoned Boeing 737 came from since it rests in the midst of a field.

The substantial aircraft is situated not far from the popular Pandawa beach in a limestone quarry close to the Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Highway. Some Balinese claim the jet was abandoned there.

The front of the aircraft has runway steps leaned up against it.

The plane has become a popular tourist destination, and a travel guide notes that it is difficult to find since it is situated close to a group of shipping containers.

It is not the only decommissioned Boeing 737 on the island; additional abandoned aircraft, some of which are exploited as tourist attractions, have been sighted in various locations.

One of them has its wing resting on the wall of the local Dunkin Donuts, which is close by.

Additionally, nobody knows how it got there. It is believed to have been there since 2007, and in 2018 it served as a location for events.


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