Leading influencer, tech mentor makes his Dubai debut


Sri Akarshana speaks during an event.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

Yogi, Philanthropist, tech mentor, spiritual guru, influencer, and life coach — are just some of the titles associated with the 38-year-old Master Sri Akarshana.

Master Sri has conducted over 50 live events worldwide, over 100 online events, trained over 100,000 people, and reached out to over 35 million people through his social media.

The Yogi recently appeared before a capacity — crowd of fans and followers as he announced his first ever Dubai Edition of his flagship event — ‘Manifesting Miracles’ on July 22, 23, and 24, 2022.

Manifesting Miracles is a three-day transformational journey designed to take all participants through a step-by-step guide of tools and knowledge to manifest success & abundance in health, wealth, and relationships.

Born in the UK as Eric Ho, Master Sri established himself as a self-made millionaire through a chain of Quick Service Restaurants by the age of 25.

Following a period of depression and a sense of unfulfillment amid supercars, yachts, and luxury mansions, he finally found solace and joy in living by helping others. His love for giving and creating change in people’s lives is what led him to set up a charity to help orphaned children live a healthy, wholesome, and sustainable life, called ‘H Giving’ – A Charity that remains active in Kenya even today.

In 2019 Master Sri Akarshana was invited to the Himalayan Mountains for rigorous mind, body, and spirit training, where he received the honorable title of a spiritual master and new name by the famous Himalayan Yogi, Grandmaster Akshar.

Today Master Sri chairs his life coaching organisation by the name of I Am Verse, which provides a platform for millions of students worldwide, broadcasting powerful knowledge and training on Success Mindset, Wealth Creation, Law of Attraction, and Spirituality.

 “Not everyone is born into this world with equal opportunities, skills, and knowledge, but with the right guidance, anyone can achieve greatness and live a purposeful life. I am honoured and overwhelmed by the love and attention that Dubai and its people have shown during the brief meet we had earlier and look forward to being a conduit of change for all those who will join us for the upcoming Manifesting Miracles in Dubai,” said Sri Akarshana



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