Little girl passes out snacks as ‘flight attendant in training’


A videograb shows the girl handing out snacks.

Gulf Today Report

A little girl’s video of serving snacks on a flight has gone viral.

The American girl named Rylan was filmed handing out snacks to passengers on a Southwest Airlines aircraft.

The incident happened on November 20 at Austin airport.

The young girl was acting as a flight attendant.

The passengers on the aircraft loved her and took their snacks.

The father, Matt King, filmed the video and shared it with Storyful.

Videos shared online showed the girl going up and down the aisle to serve travellers. 

The father said thanks to the holiday season, everyone was in a great mood.

An airline staffer could be heard in the video saying, “This is one of our flight attendants in training.”

Rylan was given more snacks to pass out to the passengers.


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