Plane runs out of fuel after taxiing on runway for over six hours


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Sometimes the weirdest things happen to some airlines. They are in the news for the wrong reasons, like forcing a black woman to move to the back of their plane, or evicting a person just because they belong to a particular faith.

Or they end up in the wrong city, as happened with a Nepalese carrier.  Or as in a recent development, the plane overshoots the runway, which happened with an Ethiopian airline.

Now, in a new incident, one plane kept taxiing on the runway for so long that it ran out of fuel and was forced to reload the essential resource.

The passengers were told to disembark, then re-embark, then finally de-board again. Ultimately, the flight was cancelled.

A United Airlines flight stayed on a runway in New York for more than six hours, before returning to the terminal as it “no longer had enough fuel for the whole trip.”

This was told by a spokesperson of the airline to the Independent.

The plane was supposed to depart from Newark for Denver.

Inclement weather prevented the flight from initially taking off.

A New York Times reporter shared her experience of the disastrous flight.

After the lengthy delay on the tarmac, passengers were told to disembark from the plane when it returned to the gate so that it could be refuelled before reboarding, she said.

However, once they had deplaned, passengers received an alert that the flight had been cancelled – but were then told by staff to reboard.

Cabin crew and pilots were left just as confused as passengers when Hiroko Tabuchi showed them the alert she had received from the airline, she claimed.

However, once passengers entered the plane there were further delays and they remained on the tarmac for another two hours.

“We are heading back to the gate a final time. This time, it’s the crew – they’ve clocked out. ‘I’ve run out of apologies,’ the pilot just told us,” Tabuchi said.

She eventually flew out to Denver from Philadelphia the next morning, after boarding an Amtrak train for the metropolis.



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