Turning plans of trains turtle: Injured tortoise spotted on railway tracks in eastern England creates chaos


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Schedules of high-speed trains turned turtle in England on Friday. One had to be delayed while services of two were cancelled after a huge injured tortoise was spotted on the railway tracks near Harling Road station in Norfolk, eastern England.

Shell-shocked drivers of high-speed trains had to abruptly change plans, leading to utter chaos.


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Trains speeding along the Breckland line, the region’s secondary railway route, which runs between Norwich and Cambridge, had to be cancelled .

One passenger travelling to Norwich, Diana Akers shared a picture of the creature on Twitter just after midday, saying it was in bad shape.

A large crack seemed to show in the middle of its carapace or shell.

Another passenger, Anna Debenham, tweeted that apology was made for the delay to passengers, according to the Independent.

One spokesperson said in a statement: “Network Rail attended and helped the animal. Services were able to run from 13.25. Anyone who has been delayed for more than 15 minutes can claim delay repay.”


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