Woman finds herself face-to-face with co-passengers in weird seating arrangement on plane


Photo used for illustrative purposes.

Gulf Today Report

Travel can be a complete delight or a problematic affair. Some passengers are chuffed with the arrangements on a flight, while others are horrified. Which happened with one passenger on a plane, who found something really weird:  seats with passengers facing – and almost touching – each other.

Traveller Megan Homme thought the seating pattern was bizarre; the pairs of seats were opposite one another. Like typical economy flights, she sat next to another passenger. Her knees were barely an inch away from another passenger duo who were opposite her, according to the Independent. Making eye contact with the passengers so close was as awkward as it gets.

You could find this on trains, but on planes? A regional airline in Sweden which has not been named by the passenger has this strange seating arrangement.

Megan said: “I’ve never seen this on a flight before. Seats facing each other.”  She said she wasn’t able to pick her seat.

Other holidaymakers were left stunned by the bizarre seating arrangements. One person called Kayla said: “I’d rather sit down with the luggage.”

Effie said: “That would be so awkward, especially on longer flights. Where do you look?”

”I’m walking out and I expect a full refund,” said Nancy Kaguima.

”I’ll just sit on the wing and hold on,” said Daniel.

Opyemi Alexander said: ”I’ll just have to walk. Don’t care how long it takes.”


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