Timly: The IT Asset Management Software that Helps Businesses Keep Costs Low


In the modern digital age, businesses rely heavily on various equipment such as computers, laptops, printers, and mobile devices to carry out their operations. The rapid pace of technology advancements often leads to businesses having a vast inventory of equipment, and it can be challenging to keep track of who has what equipment, where it is, and its condition. This is where IT Asset Management (ITAM) software comes into play, and Timly is a leading player in the market, helping businesses to manage their assets effectively.

ITAM software is a set of business operations that merge inventory, financial, and contractual obligations to optimize spending on IT products and support the long life of assets. Timly is an all-in-one solution that helps businesses avoid unnecessary purchases and keep track of any existing hardware equipment, saving companies time and money in the long run.

The Timly software is designed to manage hardware inventory specifically, and customers have access to a wide range of functions. By equipping IT assets with QR codes, businesses can manage a digital twin in Timly. The software tracks defects and the performance of products up until it is time to replace the item, reducing risks such as the unexpected burn-out of equipment. Additionally, staff can easily access the data they require in Timly within minutes, thanks to the software’s easy-to-navigate functionality.

ITAM is often a sub-division of the IT Service Management process, and Timly assists companies in detecting hardware such as screens, keyboards, copiers, and fax machines across the business, capturing and making that data available. By capturing asset data, businesses can maximize returns, drive towards increased business revenue, and cut down on excess software licenses.

Timly, the inventory app, not only helps businesses keep track of their inventory but also enables them to connect with external service providers and access internal information to maintain their assets fully automated. The app flags up inspection dates and hardware issues before they become a hindrance for the company. Additionally, Timly monitors the worth of a business’s current inventory, allowing staff to report back to management with accurate results and data. This feature ensures that businesses can make informed decisions regarding their inventory management.

One of the key advantages of using Timly is its ease of use and affordability, making it an ideal IT Asset Management software for any type of business. From marketing companies to retail brands and manufacturers, the software helps its clients organize tasks such as maintenance and services, inspection dates, and equipment certificates, freeing up IT staff time to work on other tasks and save valuable time on a daily basis.

Another benefit of Timly is its ability to localise a company’s assets with an integrated barcode scanner for smartphones and tablets. The software assigns assets to rooms, projects, and people while keeping a precise GPS recording of the products in one scan. It can also store important documents and files, such as operation fees, about assets to better understand their total cost of ownership.

With over 250 companies, schools, and cities already trusting the software, businesses can start a free trial of the Timly asset management software to help digitise the IT inventory of their company and gain complete transparency when it comes to their hardware. Registering on the website is all that is required, with no payment necessary.

Potential customers can book a no-obligation and free-of-charge consultation call with a Timly representative online. An experienced technician from Timly will offer advice on how the IT asset management software can incorporate into the business’s daily operations and help meet their ITAM solution goals. The website also offers a tour of the ITAM tool, explaining how to use Timly and navigate through all the software functions with ease.

In conclusion, Timly is a leading IT Asset Management software that helps businesses to manage their assets effectively, reducing the risk of unnecessary spending and ensuring that assets are optimally used throughout their life cycle.


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